Birthday celebration- grazing boxes

Recently we celebrated my son’s 7th Birthday with a small party and food to share with family. For the party food, I had grand plans to make all sorts of home-made goodies to go in these grazing boxes, but I ran out of time (having spent way too much time on decorations and party games that morning) and ended up with a little over 20 minutes to put these together and get out the door as were having the party at my mum’s house. Overall it all worked out and most of the food was eaten. Not bad for a first attempt.

Aside from the family Birthday party catch up, my son had an in class Montessori style party with his classmates and we caught up with a few friends after school for a picnic. On my son’s actual Birthday, I gave him the day off school and we spent it at the Science Centre, had lunch and then went for a swim. We are very fortunate to be able to still visit places outside of the home as our restrictions have eased. We just needed to pre-book the Science Centre, had a time limit and needed to practice social distancing.

These grazing boxes were lined with baking paper, so I would be able to re-use them.
Box 1: tomatoes, celery, cucumber, snowpeas, brocolli, capsicum, hummus, nuts. Box 2: French bread, dried fruit (apricots, pears and dates), soy snacks, almonds and grapes. This box is the one I rushed- it was meant to be filled with crackers, corn chips and dips but I forgot to put them in.
Box 3: fresh fruit. Box 4: Dessert box- vegan brownies (Woolworths Plantitude), vegan marshmallows (Dandies), fresh fruit, dark chocolate and turkish delight.

Overall the fruit and dessert box was the most popular. It seems not that many were interested in the raw vegies. I think next time for a children’s party I would just put carrot, cucumber and tomatoes, with corn chips, vegie crackers hummus and dried fruit instead of the nuts, french bread and all the other raw vegetables.

Not everyone in my family/extended family, including my children’s friends is plant-based so it can be tricky sometimes to put together shared food that everyone will like. In this case, this food was to be shared with adults and a small group of children. I also put out some popcorn, Harvest snaps original pea crisps, fairy bread (made with Nuttelex). There was also an ice cream cake, Peter’s Plant-based ice cream and pizza.

Candy melon and watermelon to share for my son’s in class Montessori celebration at school.

For my children’s Birthdays we don’t tend to do typical big parties, usually opting for a few small presents, quality family time and an ‘experience’ instead. This year my son chose the ‘Science Centre’ as his experience and my oldest has chosen to visit an animal sanctuary for hers. I will post more about her Birthday soon to show you what I got for my animal and nature lover.


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