Sprouting Wheatgrass (in soil)

Around two weeks ago, my husband and I set up some trays (with coconut coir +soil) to start sprouting. There are many ways to sprout and we have tried the no soil (glass jar method with water) before, but wanted to try our hand at sprouting larger amounts of seeds in trays.

What we used:

  1. Tray- we used 2 x Trays- 55cm x 28cm
  2. Wheatgrass Seeds (Australian/Organic)
  3. Soil- we used coconut coir + soil in our mix. Next time we will just use soil and some of our compost mixed in.
  4. Spray bottle with water
  5. Measuring jug to measure/soak the seeds

Method (for 1 tray of wheatgrass)

  1. Soak seeds overnight- 1 cup
  2. Fill tray with desired soil- we used coconut coir _ regular soil.
  3. spread seeds out and cover with lid or damp cloth (we did this overnight)
  4. Spritz with water each day and watch it grow!
We are also sprouting alfalfa and snowpea sprouts.

Result (day 1-7)

Week 1

Result: Day 7-14 (8-10cm growth)

Week 2

Result: Day 14-21 (14-16cm total growth)

Week 3

Our wheatgrass is now ready to be used. Our plan is to juice a handful of wheatgrass each day using our coldpress juicer (we have a Oscar 900 VitalMax) and make the following juice/s;

Juice 1: carrot, apple, orange, ginger + wheatgrass

Juice 2: Carrot, apple, celery, beetroot + wheatgrass

Sprouting wheatgrass is such a fun project to do with kids as wheatgrass is easy and fast to grow and I think tastes a lot nicer than the powdered version.

Happy sprouting!

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